Social Meditation Facilitation
Instructions for social meditation facilitators who are hosting out-loud, peer-2-peer sessions in the Buddhist Geeks Sangha.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Sitting in Silence

Please spend the first 2 minutes Sitting in Silence, giving a bit of time for folks to arrive & settle.

Quick Check-In

Next, do a Quick Check-In Round, asking everyone to share their 1) Name, 2) Location, and 3) How they're doing in a word or two. The check-in round will also give you a chance to do a Tech Check.
If there are any tech problems, particularly with people's microphones, let them know, so they can troubleshoot as you move on. If they can't get it fixed, before the practice period begins, please invite them to take the role of the witness. Don't spend a bunch of time trying to troubleshoot, just highlight the issue and move on.
Optional: Announce an Optional Debrief Period
If you'd like to stay after the half-hour period is complete, let people know that there will be an optional 15 minute debrief period at the end of the session. This is optional for people to attend, and also optional for you, as a facilitator, to offer. If you aren't going to offer this, mention it before you get into the instructions.

Review the Instructions

Next, briefly review the instructions that you're practicing in this session. If you aren't sure of what they are, or want a refresher, check out the Social Meditation Guide.
If there are 5 or less people in the session ask people do the the instructions in a sequential order, taking turns noting one at a time. If there are more than 5 people in the session at this time, then give instructions to doing the practice spontaneously–as you feel moved.

Introducing The Witness

Lastly, ask people to identify themselves if they'd like to take The Role of the Witness. If you are using a sequential order (4 or less in the group), then ask people who are witnessing to identify themselves. If you are noting spontaneously (5 or more in the group) then remind people that they can witness at any time. Our aim is for this whole process, up to this point, to take 5-10 minutes or so, leaving at least 20 minutes of time to practice.

Ring the Bell and Begin

At this point you can Ring the Bell and Start Meditating!

Ring the Bell to Mark the End

At the end of the session please Ring the Bell to Mark the End.

Say Goodbye

Feel free to Say Goodbye however you like. If you are offering an optional debrief at the end, then you can remind people that they're welcome to stay for the 15-minute debrief.
Optional Debrief
From here, you can move right into an open debrief, where you role is to facilitate the conversation, helping to draw out the insights that occurred in the practice period. We ask that you keep this debrief period to ~15 minutes, that way there's no possible conflicts with upcoming sessions.
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