Setting up a Virtual Daylong

The technical aspects of what's involved in setting up a virtual daylong retreat through Buddhist Geeks

Create Zoom Meeting Link

  • Login to​

  • Click Meetings

  • Click Schedule a New Meeting button

Fill out the details as appropriate for your retreat. We suggest using these Meeting Options.
  • Add any Alternative Hosts (aka Fellow Facilitators) under the Advanced Options

Here I ("Vince") am scheduling for myself, and adding Ryan Oelke as a Co-Host.
  • Save Meeting

  • Go to bottom of page and Edit the Registration Options

  • Select the following Registration options and then Save All

  • Go to Email Settings and Edit the Email Contact

  • Select the Branding Tab

  • Upload your Square Logo (Heart of Insight Logo pictured here)

  • Upload Retreat image to Banner section

Setup Mailchimp Audience

  • Create New Audience and name it after the event (ex. "Heart of Insight Daylong: July 19")

  • Duplicate the Intro Series Campaign

  • Edit Intro Series Campaign so that it's up-to-date

Set-up Zapier Automation

  • Open the Virtual Daylong Metrics Google Sheet

  • Duplicate a new Worksheet for this event, naming the worksheet after the date of the event (ex. January 2020)

  • Login to

  • Navigate to the "Virtual Daylongs" folder

  • Copy the "Virtual Daylongs Sign-Up" Zap

  • Rename the Zap to match the name of your retreat (ex. "Heart of Insight Daylong Sign-Up")

  • Edit the new Zap

  • Under 1. Trigger (Gmail) click Edit Options and change the text after "subject:Meeting Registration" to match the exact title of the event, as it's named in Zoom.

  • Click Continue and Test

  • Under 7. Action (Mailchimp) click Edit Template

  • Update the Audience to match the Mailchimp audience that you created earlier for this retreat.

  • Click Continue and Test the connection with Mailchimp, making sure that the e-mail is added to that Audience in Mailchimp.

  • Under 8. Action (Google Spreadsheet), click Edit Template.

  • Under Worksheet (required) select the new worksheet that was created earlier.

  • Click Continue and then Send Test to Google Sheets

  • Check the Virtual Daylong Metrics Google Sheet to make sure that the information propagated correctly.

  • Turn on the Zap

Update Kindful Campaign

  • Login to, go to Campaigns, and select the campaign that corresponds with this retreat (ex. "Heart of Insight Daylong", "Pragmatic Dharma Daylong", or "Awakening Life Daylong")

  • Upload a new Splash Image

  • Click Update

Create Retreat Page

  • Go to and login with an admin account

  • Click on the "Retreats" section and find an old Connecting to the Source event

  • Edit the old event and then go to the bottom and click "Duplicate"

  • Update image + copy