Setting up a Virtual Daylong
The technical aspects of what's involved in setting up a virtual daylong retreat through Buddhist Geeks

Create Zoom Meeting Link

    Login to​
    Click Meetings
    Click Schedule a New Meeting button
Fill out the details as appropriate for your retreat. We suggest using these Meeting Options.
    Add any Alternative Hosts (aka Fellow Facilitators) under the Advanced Options
Here I ("Vince") am scheduling for myself, and adding Ryan Oelke as a Co-Host.
    Save Meeting
    Go to bottom of page and Edit the Registration Options
    Select the following Registration options and then Save All
    Go to Email Settings and Edit the Email Contact
    Select the Branding Tab
    Upload your Square Logo (Heart of Insight Logo pictured here)
    Upload Retreat image to Banner section
Heart of Insight Zoom Logo (.PSD)

Setup Mailchimp Audience

    Create New Audience and name it after the event (ex. "Heart of Insight Daylong: July 19")
    Duplicate the Intro Series Campaign
    Edit Intro Series Campaign so that it's up-to-date

Set-up Zapier Automation

    Open the Virtual Daylong Metrics Google Sheet
    Duplicate a new Worksheet for this event, naming the worksheet after the date of the event (ex. January 2020)
    Login to
    Navigate to the "Virtual Daylongs" folder
    Copy the "Virtual Daylongs Sign-Up" Zap
    Rename the Zap to match the name of your retreat (ex. "Heart of Insight Daylong Sign-Up")
    Edit the new Zap
    Under 1. Trigger (Gmail) click Edit Options and change the text after "subject:Meeting Registration" to match the exact title of the event, as it's named in Zoom.
    Click Continue and Test
    Under 7. Action (Mailchimp) click Edit Template
    Update the Audience to match the Mailchimp audience that you created earlier for this retreat.
    Click Continue and Test the connection with Mailchimp, making sure that the e-mail is added to that Audience in Mailchimp.
    Under 8. Action (Google Spreadsheet), click Edit Template.
    Under Worksheet (required) select the new worksheet that was created earlier.
    Click Continue and then Send Test to Google Sheets
    Check the Virtual Daylong Metrics Google Sheet to make sure that the information propagated correctly.
    Turn on the Zap

Update Kindful Campaign

    Login to, go to Campaigns, and select the campaign that corresponds with this retreat (ex. "Heart of Insight Daylong", "Pragmatic Dharma Daylong", or "Awakening Life Daylong")
    Upload a new Splash Image
    Click Update
Zoom Banner (.PSD)

Create Retreat Page

    Go to and login with an admin account
    Click on the "Retreats" section and find an old Connecting to the Source event
    Edit the old event and then go to the bottom and click "Duplicate"
    Update image + copy
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