⛲️ Group Meeting Flow

All Buddhist Geeks Trainings cover these basic elements over the course of a small group meeting:

1) Silence

All training groups begin with 2-5 minutes of silence.

2) Check-In

Whether in a short, or more extended format, all meeting participants will be invited to check-in toward the beginning of group meeting.

A Quick Check-In format includes the participants 1) Name, 2) Location, & 3) a word or two on how their doing.

The more extended Practice & Life Check-In involves an open invitation for anyone who wants to share how their practice & life have been going over the past week. In a facilitator or teacher-training context, participants are also invited to share how their facilitation or teaching practice has been going.

3) Proposed Agenda

The group's teacher will cover a proposed agenda, asking if there are any clarifying questions or objections–reasons it would be harmful to anyone to do any part of the agenda. If there are questions the teacher will respond until everyone understands what we're doing. If there are objections the teacher will seek to understand the objection and come up with a new agenda that resolves this objection. We will only move forward with the agenda when there are no more questions or objections about the proposed agenda.

4) Practice

Whether a guided practice, social practice, or some combination of the two, each training group will include some opportunity for formal practice with others.

πŸ“„ Detailed Meeting Flows