Social Meditation Flow

A detailed description of the flow of a small group meeting in a Social Meditation Facilitator Training.


Average Time: ~15 minutes

During the opening phase of the meeting, we'll cover the following items each and every time:

  • Silence : We'll begin with a few minutes of silence, as everyone arrives and settles in. The facilitator will ring a bell at the end of the silent period.

  • Check-In : Each meeting will include, at a minimum, a Quick Check-In, where each participant will be asked to briefly share who they are, where they are, and how they are in a word or two.

  • Proposed Agenda : The facilitator will then share a proposed agenda for the session, and we'll use the Integrative Decision Making process to surface questions, reactions, and to establish consent, so that we can move forward with a plan that everyone believes will not cause harm or move us backward as a group.


Average Time: ~70 minutes

There are a few different ways that we'll practice together, during the heart of our meetings. Sometimes, especially during the early meetings, we'll focus more on teaching the basic theory behind social meditation, while during the heart of the training we'll be engaged in more Facilitation Practice & Feedback. Every meeting will include the introduction of a new technique, with time to do it, and time to debrief afterwards, following this same flow:

  • Set-Up : The facilitator will spend some time framing the week's topic and setting up the practice of the week. Sometimes the framing will be quite minimal, and at other times there's a little more set-up that's needed before entering the practice phase.

  • Practice : We'll spend a good chunk of time practicing together, either in the large group, smaller breakout groups, or both. Typical practice periods will be ~20 minutes long.

  • Debrief : After we finish the practice, we'll make space & time to reflect together on how it went. We'll discuss how our practice experience relates back to the broader topic, so that we can accelerate our collective learning.

We will also introduce some other formats for exploration during our meetings, including:

  • Facilitation Practice & Feedback : Everyone in the training will be asked to lead the group in the Set-Up and Practice Phase of a relevant Social Meditation technique. You will have 15 minutes to set-up the practice and do it, after which we'll spend another 15 minutes engaging in a feedback round, designed to surface what worked well, along with suggestions on things to change, should you facilitate the same practice again.

  • Meta-Facilitation Q&A : Often people have questions related to their facilitation practice. The teachers will sometimes open up time for an open Q&A related to facilitation, inviting any questions that participants have about their facilitation practice to be asked and responded to.


Average Time: <5 minutes

At the end of the meeting we'll quickly wrap up, including the following elements:

  • Announcements : If we have any closing announcements, regarding the training, or anything else Buddhist Geeks Practice related, we'll share them at the end of the meeting.

  • Silence - We will often end with a short moment of silent presence, ending just as we began.

  • Bell - The session will end when the facilitator rings the bell.