Social Meditation Flow

A detailed description of the universal flow of a small group meeting in the Social Meditation Training.


Average Time: ~20-25 minutes

  • Silence : We'll begin with a few minutes of silence, as everyone arrives and settles in. The facilitator will ring a bell at the end of the silent period.

  • Check-In : Each meeting will include, at a minimum, a Quick Check-In, where each participant will be asked to briefly share who they are, where they are, and how they are in a word or two.

  • Proposed Agenda : The facilitator will then share a proposed agenda for the session, and we'll use the Integrative Decision Making process to surface questions, reactions, and to establish consent, so that we can move forward with a plan that everyone believes will not cause harm or move us backward as a group.



Average Time: ~60 minutes

  • Set-Up : The facilitator will spend some time framing the week's topic and setting up the practice of the week. Sometimes the framing will be quite minimal, and at other times there's a little more set-up that's needed before entering the practice phase.

  • Practice : We'll spend a good chunk of time practicing together, either in the large group, smaller breakout groups, or both. Typical practice periods will be 20-30 minutes long.

  • Debrief : After we finish the practice, we'll make space & time to reflect together on how it went. We'll discuss how our practice experience relates back to the broader topic, so that we can accelerate our collective learning.



Average Time: ~5 minutes

  • Announcements : If we have any closing announcements, regarding the training, or anything else Buddhist Geeks Practice related, we'll share them at the end of the meeting.

  • Bell - The session will end when the facilitator rings the bell.