Buddhist Geeks is a Holacratically powered organization. We practice Holaracy version 5.0.

Holacracy is a new way of structuring and running an organization that replaces the conventional management hierarchy. Instead of operating top-down, power is distributed throughout the organization, giving individuals and teams more freedom to self-manage, while staying aligned to the organizationโ€™s purpose.

We first implemented Holacracy in 2008, just a year after HolacracyOne, the organization that originated Holacracy, was founded by Brian Robertson. We were actually exposed to it even earlier then that, while Vince Horn was working for Ken Wilber's Integral Institute, when they attempted to implement a pre 1.0 version of Holacracy. Today, hundreds of organizations are Holacracy-powered, including Zappos & the David Allen company. In 2016, Harvard Business Review even did a fairly balanced review of Holacracy Beyond the Hype.

We chose Holacracy because of 1) the way it distributes authority through the organization in a way that empowers individuals to step into this evolving structure and do the work that needs to be done, while all working toward a shared purpose & 2) because of the excellent design of their Tactical Meeting and Governance Meeting formats.

View the Buddhist Geeks Holacracy

If you'd like to view the ins & outs of our current Holacratic structure of practice, you can view The Buddhist Geeks Holacracy on Glassfrogโ€“the official software set-up to support the practice of Holacracy. Here, you'll find a transparent account of our evolving organizational structure, including individual roles & accountabilities, policies, projects, & more.

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