Configure your Acuity Scheduling Account

Instructions for Buddhist Geeks Teachers on how to configure their acuity scheduling account, setting their preferred hours & availability.

  • Enter the username and temporary password that was sent to you and Login

  • Click the I Agree button on the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy pop-up window to proceed.

  • From here you'll see a blank Appointment Calendar

  • Click one of the Set availability links

  • If you have regular hours that you're available each week, check I have regular hours every week and fill in your regular hours.

  • When you're done, click the Save Regular Hours button

  • If you have specific times & days you'd like to mark yourself as available you can enter those under the Override Hours for Specific Days section.

Lastly, if you need, you can click the Set different hours for certain apppointment types... link at the bottom of the page and group certain kind of appointment types together, and create custom availability for those appointment types.

Sync with Your Calendar

Now that you have your available times configured, it's time to sync your acuity scheduling account with your calendar.

  • Under Business Settings click Sync with other Calendars

  • On the lefthand side, select which Calendar service you'd like to sync with, then click the Connect to button. For this example, we'll demonstrate what this looks like when syncing with Google Calendar.

  • Follow the instructions for connecting to your calendar, giving Acuity permission to modify it.

  • Once your calendar has synced, you'll be sent back to Acuity Scheduling and will see this page...

  • Under "Google Calendar" (or whichever service you've used) please select the name calendar you'd like to sync with.

  • Now, click the Save button.

  • After saving, your calendar will sync with Acuity for the first time. You are all set-up!

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