Add New Teacher to Acuity Scheduling

All Buddhist Geeks Teachers will need to set-up an account with Acuity Scheduling, so that participants can interact with your schedule during Buddhist Geeks teaching events.

These are the initial instructions for whoever is in the role holding the domain of Acuity Scheduling within the Buddhist Geeks Holacracy. You can also view Acuity Scheduling's instructions here.

Create the Calendar

  • In Acuity, under Business Settings, go to Availability.

  • Click the Add New Calendar button.

  • Next, fill in the teachers name under Calendar Name, their e-mail address, upload a photo for them, and select their native timezone. Leave the location blank.

  • Click the Next: Add Appointment Types & Hours button

  • Under Add Appointment Types mark the meeting types you know that teacher will be engaging in and click the Save Appointment Types button.

  • Under Set Hours of Availability uncheck the "This service group has regular hours every week" box

  • Then click the Save, switch to Specific Days button

  • Leave the Client Scheduling Limits unaltered and X out of the window.

Add a New User

  • Now under the Business Settings section, select Manage Users

  • Click the New User button

  • Fill in the same e-mail address you used earlier for the username, select a simple password for them (they'll be able to change when they login), and then mark the Calendar that you set-up for them earlier under "Allow access to view and manage"

  • Click Add User

  • E-mail the teacher with their user name (e-mail address) and temporary password, and ask them to sign-in to Acuity Scheduling and follow the instructions on how to Configure your Acuity Scheduling Account.

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