Ethical Principles

Here the 5 precepts are expressed as the โ€˜north starsโ€™ positively orienting our actions. These are our ethical principles.
  1. Interconnection. We recognize the interconnectedness of all beings and hold all life in reverence. We recognize the diversity of forms and orient toward them with kindness and compassion, while also holding in awe the mystery of life and death.

  2. Generosity. We recognize that philanthropic intent leads to deep contentment, and cultivating generosity leads to a sense of abundance.

  3. Sensuality. Sensuality and sexuality are beautiful expressions of the life force. We recognize and respect their multiple forms. One personโ€™s โ€œnaughtyโ€ is someone elseโ€™s โ€œkinkyโ€, but itโ€™s all good when between consenting adults.

  4. Congruence. We aim for our actions, both in words and deeds, to be congruent with the truth of our subjective experience. We recognize that conflict arises with being human and are willing to acknowledge the impact of our speech and actions. We aim to express ourselves with honesty, tact, and kindness, while not avoiding difficult conversations.

  5. Exploration. Mind states are impermanent, and we honor and respect their mindful exploration to the extent they promote liberation, realization, and healing, rather than clinging, addiction, and delusion.