Setup a New Zoom Account

Instructions on setting up and configuring a new professional Buddhist Geeks zoom account.

If adding a new core team member or teacher, it's also important to set-up a professional BG zoom account for them. Here are the instructions for doing that (from a Zoom admin account):

  1. Login to the site

  2. Under Admin select User Management and then click Users

  3. Press the + Add Users button

  4. Type in their e-mail address, make sure the user type is set to Licensed and then click Add

  5. Login to their GSuite account and click the confirmation link in the "Zoom account invitation" email.

  6. In the new window that opens up click "Sign Up with a Password"

  7. Enter their Name, BG Email address, and a complex temporary password and click "Sign Up"

  8. Now click the "Go to my Account" button

  9. If the new team member isn't based in US Eastern Time, update their Time Zone under the Date & Time section on the main account page.

  10. Now click Settings on the sidebar.

  11. Under Meeting Settings make sure the following changes are made to their default settings (from top to bottom):

    1. Turn Off Require a password when scheduling new meetings

    2. Turn Off Require a password for instant meetings

    3. Click the Edit icon next to Customize the title, logo, and description and upload the Buddhist Geeks Classic Head Logo.

    4. Turn On Host Video

    5. Turn On Participants Video

    6. Turn Off Feedback to Zoom (this will also turn off End of Meeting Feedback)

    7. Under Screen sharing click "Host Only" under Who can share and hit Save

    8. Turn Off Annotation

    9. Turn Off Remote Control

    10. Turn On Allow removed participants to rejoin

    11. Under Breakout room click "Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling" and hit Save

    12. Turn On Group HD Video

    12. Now, while being logged into the "" account in zoom, go to the bottom of the meeting settings section and Assign scheduling privilege to the new team member. This will enable them to use the breakout room function in any BG Sangha event.

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