Ethical Standards

These standards apply to all Buddhist Geeks teachers, who have entered into a formal, or informal, teaching relationship with others. These standards also apply between teachers.

  1. Non-harming. We do not use violence or abuse as a teaching method. We do not discriminate against class, age, ethnicity, religion, culture, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

  2. Non-stealing. We do not handle funds irresponsibly, opaquely, or without accountability.

  3. Non-harassing. We do not use our teaching position to obtain sexual favors.

  4. Non-lying. We do not intentionally mislead or speak in mean-spiritedness. We make efforts to safeguard the confidential matters of our students.

  5. Non-intoxication. We do not teach while intoxicated, unless explicitly part of the container.

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