Holacracy Onboarding Instructions

An instructional guide, for internal use, on how to onboard a new person into the Buddhist Geeks Holacracy.

In this guide, we'll cover general instructions for anyone entering into the Buddhist Geeks Holacracy. More specific onboarding instructions, tailored to the particular role(s) one is holding, will also be needed, but are beyond the scope of this document.

βœ‰οΈ E-mail Address

If a new person is holding a core role within the organization, then they will need a personalized e-mail address in the format of: firstname@buddhistgeeks.org

πŸ“ Team Folder

Share the Buddhist Geeks Team folder in Google Drive with new team member, using whatever e-mail address they'd like to use to access it. This folder contains all of the information & resources relevant to all team members.

🐸 Glassfrog Account

Anyone holding an official role within the Buddhist Geeks Holacracy needs to have access to our Glassfrog account–the official software used to support the practice of Holacracy. Here are the steps for adding a new user to Glassfrog.

Step 1: In Glassfrog, under the Admin Settings, select Account Members.


Step 2: Click the Add New Member button


Step 3: Input the new member's information, add them to the appropriate circle(s), and then Create Person.