Onboarding a New Team Member

An instructional guide, for internal use, on how to onboard a new team member or teaching into the Buddhist Geeks Holacracy.

In this guide, we'll cover general instructions for anyone entering into the Buddhist Geeks Holacracy. More specific onboarding instructions, tailored to the particular role(s) one is holding, will also be needed, but are beyond the scope of this document.

βœ‰οΈ GSuite

pageSetup a New GSuite Account

πŸ“Ί Zoom.us

pageSetup a New Zoom Account

πŸ“… Acuity Scheduling

First, you'll need to add the new teacher to the Buddhist Geeks Acuity Scheduling account:

pageAdd New Teacher to Acuity Scheduling

Make sure you send them a link to the following page, so that they can then configure their schedule as they like.

pageConfigure your Acuity Scheduling Account

πŸ“ GDrive

Share the Buddhist Geeks Team folder in Google Drive with new team member. This folder contains all of the information & resources relevant to all team members.

🐸 Glassfrog

pageSetup a New Glassfrog Account

🌐 Mighty Networks

Invite the new team member to the Buddhist Geeks Mighty Networks (if they aren't already on there).

Once they've joined the Mighty Networks, invite them to any private or secret groups that would be relevant for them (ex. Buddhist Geeks Teachers or the Anchor Circle).

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