Creating a Brand New Training

Instructions on what to do to create a brand new Buddhist Geeks Training. It's suggested you move from top to bottom, going one web tool at a time.

Web Tool



  • Duplicate a recent training board

  • Remove cards


  • Duplicate training zaps

  • Put zaps in a new training folder

​Google Sheets​

​Getty Images​

  • Find Cover Image & any related alternative images


  • Find a new icon for your training

  • Edit & download a large PNG version

​Acuity Scheduling​

  • Duplicate 'Training Introduction' Appointment Type.


  • Create new squarespace site

  • Select the "Brine" theme

  • Upload cover image and logo icon

  • Add tagline to top header

  • Add "What is This?" overview

  • Add "Training Design" section

  • Add "Facilitating Teacher(s)" section

  • Add "Transparent Generosity" section

  • add "Let's Talk" intro scheduling section

  • Add Buddhist Geeks Duo Logo Footer

  • Sync with squarespace

  • Upgrade to premium site to be able to launch


  • Duplicate Lists

    • Intros List - the list that people go on after they sign-up for an introduction call.

    • Launch List - the list that people go on once they've had a successful intro and want to join the training.

    • Main List - the list that people will be on once they sign-up for a group and are officially in the training.


  • Duplicate Automations

    • Intro Series (Intros List)

    • Transparent Generosity (Main List)

    • Sign-Up Series (Main List)


  • Create new Discord server

  • Upload icon (you may need a solid background for your .png)


  • Create new Gitbook Guide

  • Sync Guide URL with