Removing Participants

Instructions on what to do once you've confirmed that someone is no longer participating in an ongoing training, or who is leaving a fixed-length training prior to completion.

Instructions: Once you've identified who you need to remove, have trello training tracking board in front of you and remove them from the following services, one at a time.

Note: It's fastest to do this in batches, if you have 2+ people to remove, instead of going service-by-service with each participant you need to remove.

1) Remove from Kindful

If the person hasn't already cancelled their own recurring subscription in Kindful you can remove them manually by:

  • "Search by name" at the top of the Kindful web interface.

  • Select the person's profile when it comes up

  • Under Recurring Transactions click View All.

  • Find the Recurring Transaction you'd like to terminate, if it hasn't already been cancelled, and click Cancel.

2) Remove from Mailchimp Training List

  • ​Login to Mailchimp​

  • Under Audiences locate your training list

  • Click the View Contacts button

  • Find the participant(s) that you are removing on the list and click the checkbox next to their name.

  • Under the Actions dropdown menu click Unsubscribe

  • Click Confirm

3) Remove from Discord Server

  • On Desktop: Look for the participants user accounts in your discord channel

  • Right click the participant and click "Kick {Name}"

  • It will ask you to confirm, and present a "Reason for Kick". Input your reason and click the Kick button.

NOTE: Kicking someone, instead of banning them, holds open the chance for that person to rejoin in the future. Banned users can't rejoin.

4) Remove from Training Metrics Google Sheet

  • Under the "Roster" Sheet find the participant(s) and delete the row(s).

5) Remove Student from Trello Tracking Board

  • Under the "Remove" Column, click on each individual student card and then click "Archive"